How Do You Crate Train an Older Dog Overnight?

You’re out for the evening and have just finished making dinner when you hear that dreaded sound the bark at the door! As you open the front door, your eyes adjust from the light inside the house to the darkness outside. A large black labrador walks toward you with his tail wagging as if he knows exactly who you are. He stops right before you and stands there, panting. Are those wet nose prints on your leg? Is this really happening? What did you feed them? The old saying “feed ’em once, starve ’em twice” certainly holds true here.


If you didn’t take care of their basic needs, they’ll be back for more. In fact, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether or not you should even consider allowing this pet into your household in the first place. It seems cruel, but sometimes, pets that aren’t well-taken care of will become so desperate for food and water that they resort to begging at the doorsteps of their owners. After years of training, these animals learn to understand that they must wait patiently until someone opens the door so they can enter.


While some dogs may beg at the door, others go through the ringer to get attention from their owners. When you leave your beloved pet home alone, there are many things you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and happy stay. First, make sure your pet is up-to-date on his or her shots and vaccinations. Next, decide if you should crate your dog.


This isn’t a decision to be made lightly because crates are uncomfortable, confining spaces. But if you plan to allow your pet to sleep in your bed while you’re away, crating him or her could help prevent accidents and barking.


Finally, remember that most people are afraid of dogs due to past experiences and exposure. If you own a large breed, especially one that has long hair, you might want to reconsider bringing your pet into your home. Many times, owners are bitten by their furry friends after a misunderstanding.

When is it time to crate train?

Crates were originally designed to protect livestock during transportation, but today, we use them to contain our pets. There are different types of crates available, ranging from simple wire cages to plastic mesh models. Some crates come equipped with divider panels, …