How Do I Introduce My Dog to My Fear of Other Dogs?

You’ve been waiting patiently for a little bundle of joy. Now that it has arrived, you’re so excited to show it off to everyone especially those people who haven’t yet met its newest member. But when it comes time to take your baby home from the breeder, you get nervous. What if your new puppy gets scared by another animal? Or maybe the other animals in the shelter are bigger than yours!


Will they hurt him? How will you know how to protect him? These questions and others often plague first-time parents. And if you’re not careful, some fears can become ingrained into your psyche. They may even turn into an anxiety disorder like separation anxiety or social phobia.


Why You Might Fear Other Dogs

Fear isn’t always bad, though. In fact, it’s a natural reaction to danger. Some fears are rooted in reality, such as spiders or snakes. Others could stem from an experience with a specific individual, like someone who bullied you at school. It doesn’t matter where these fears come from whether real or imagined the key is to find out more information on them.


If you think your fear stems from a negative experience with a particular breed of dog, talk to the owner of the one you encountered. Perhaps that bully was a German shepherd rather than a human being. Ask if there are any incidents of aggression between members of the same pack (or litter).


If you were previously attacked by a pit bull, consider taking your pet to a trainer who specializes in working with this type of dog. Even if your fear is unfounded, talking to experts about your concern can provide relief.


The next step is to figure out what kind of dog you really want. For example, if you love huskies, then you probably won’t be too upset if your new puppy becomes friends with one. On the other hand, if you’re allergic to cats, you may want to avoid breeds like pugs, which are known to attack small pets like hamsters and gerbils.


Once you’ve decided what type of dog you’d prefer, here are a few tips to keep in mind during your puppy’s initial introduction to the rest of your family. Never punish your dog for something it didn’t do. Don’t yell at your pup because it got into the trash or …