Male Dogs Vs. Female Dogs: Which One Is Right for You?


When you think of owning a pet, what kind of animal comes to mind? Do you picture an adorable puppy or a loyal adult dog? Or maybe one that has unique features like long hair, broad shoulders, large size, or even horns? Many people, they’re able to relate to both types of pets. But there is still one major difference when comparing them to determine which type of pet would be right for you.


While we may all have similar backgrounds when it comes to our relationship with animals, the way we see ourselves as well as how we view others can make all the difference in the world. And this includes if you should get a male or female dog.

In order to help you decide which type of dog might suit your lifestyle better, here are some key points to consider when deciding whether to own males or females.


What Are the Pros to Owning Male Dogs?


There are several advantages associated with having male dogs over those who opt to own females. First off, let’s talk about what makes male dogs so popular among those looking to adopt a new pet.


One reason why men might prefer males is simply because of their appearance. In general, most women tend to find males more attractive than females. This is due largely to their larger stature, muscular build, shaggy coats, and other characteristics that increase physical appeal. Men who choose to own male dogs often enjoy these traits, making them more appealing to look at than their counterparts who chose to go after females.


Another advantage to owning male dogs is that they typically don’t require much training. Compared to females, male dogs are easier to manage and take care of. They don’t need any special attention, such as brushing, grooming, or bathing, since they naturally shed fur. However, they do require basic obedience training on top of feeding and water access.

Lastly, male dogs are known for being protective and attentive parents. In addition to taking good care of themselves, they will typically watch out for their pups. As such, they offer a great companion and protector while keeping you safe around the house.


What Are Some Cons When It Comes to Owning Male Dogs?


Although there are plenty of benefits to owning male dogs, there are certain disadvantages too. …